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Hello there, people. I am a Character Animation student at The Animation Workshop.

After finishing school I went to The Drawing Academy to gain knowledge of/and skills in classical drawing techniques. I then applied for the The Animation Workshop for the second time and struck gold! This blog sums up what I've done and is doing now, both in school and for personal fun...

Monday, October 18, 2010

Animation Basics (part 1)

I compiled some of the more successful assignments involving the basic physics of balls, a pendulum and adding a simple follow-through.

The tail was animated straight-ahead, and I'm quite proud of just how lively it was. The teacher said my ball had character (and I guess that's a good sign when you're studying character animation). I do tend to give balls a bit more hang-time than strictly necessary, but I like the feel it gives to the animation - making it seem less even, almost as if the ball has intent.
The bowlingball is less interesting, but still fun. The end isn't working completely, it stops rolling too fast.

More to follow; Uri wasn't finished with us just yet. It was just about to get interesting...

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