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Hello there, people. I am a Character Animation student at The Animation Workshop.

After finishing school I went to The Drawing Academy to gain knowledge of/and skills in classical drawing techniques. I then applied for the The Animation Workshop for the second time and struck gold! This blog sums up what I've done and is doing now, both in school and for personal fun...

Friday, February 17, 2012

Acting/Dialogue - At the diner

2-week assignment with teacher Mark Oftedal.
Choose an audio-track and create characters and background story, including possible subtext to the acting. I won't bother you with the details, rather I'll let the video try to speak for itself...

I decided to challenge myself and came up with a scene that required animating several constraints and some cheeky switching between object-duplicates.
Good scene-planning really helped speed up my process and I largely avoided technical issues this time. Glad I'm getting over my fear of constraints and making the most of them instead.

This is the scene as I presented it for final dailies, only a few minor details left to tweak, which I will do over the winter-break.

And here's the (very helpful) video reference I shot of myself. I found a way to play both roles, thus being able to take as makes times as I needed to get the timing and the beats just the way I wanted them.

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