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Hello there, people. I am a Character Animation student at The Animation Workshop.

After finishing school I went to The Drawing Academy to gain knowledge of/and skills in classical drawing techniques. I then applied for the The Animation Workshop for the second time and struck gold! This blog sums up what I've done and is doing now, both in school and for personal fun...

Monday, October 18, 2010

Kid (2nd pass keys)

One out of three possible characters to make keys for a later inbetweening class was "Yourself as a kid". Just like the other options we had to key out 5 seconds of action with the character, but I chose this one because I knew I'd have more fun with it. I had to design myself as a kid (any kid) and I ended up on me approx. 5 years of age. The design was heavily inspired by Mike Nguyen sketches during his lectures and also a bit of Calvin and Hobbes, I suddenly realized while I was thumbnailing...

The wobble is a bit too powerful, makes her seem like a toddler learning to walk, rather than a 5-year-old. But at least it reads well - I liked this assignment.

Here are some sketches and thumbnails I did to capture me as a kid:

I'm starting to understand the animation workflow - I keep the list close by. I rarely tend to follow plans, but it's nice to know the rules before choosing to disregard them.

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