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Hello there, people. I am a Character Animation student at The Animation Workshop.

After finishing school I went to The Drawing Academy to gain knowledge of/and skills in classical drawing techniques. I then applied for the The Animation Workshop for the second time and struck gold! This blog sums up what I've done and is doing now, both in school and for personal fun...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Freestyle (from the fancy leatherbound)

I have this really old-fashioned leather hand-bound book that I bought in China. I absolutely love it, it's one of a kind (although the paper is not the best for drawing), but I constantly find myself thinking "I am not worthy of defiling this cool-looking book with my feeble sketches!"
Ever so often I will make attempts anyway - and because of the brownish paper it's great for experimenting with coloured pencils...
Also for hard light and highlights I experimented with a white-out pen.

And last, a few sketches of my classmates paying attention in class... I had forgotten that I actually enjoy making these. Since the Drawing Academy I've gone back to that comfort zone of not drawing people; this made me realize I had little to worry about. So you'll probably see more of these.

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